DELTA TEAM Pest control

Crawl Space Moisture Management

Moisture control can be as simple as a vapor barrier to keep the ground moisture from rising into the crawl space.  A complete encapsulation with moisture monitors and dehumidifier is also available.  Let us give you a quote for the solution that fits your needs and budget.

CL-100 certificates

We can now perform wood infestation reports for your real estate transaction needs. Email us today to schedule your CL-100 report.

General Pest Control

From complete termite treatments to ant and cockroach control we can perform the pest control tasks that meet your needs and budget.  Just let us know what you need.

Environmentally friendly plans

Sometimes a simple bait and monitor program is your best option.  We offer those solutions as well.  

Innovative solutions

We are very well trained and abreast of the latest technology. The pest control industry is evolving.  The termites are loosing, lets keep it that way.

Certified by Clemson University

Our staff has passed the stringent certification process that Clemson University provides.  You can be assured that your pest control needs will be fulfilled by our professional and qualified staff.