Frequently asked questions

Who needs to present for the inspection?

Your home inspector will require a signed inspection agreement prior to the inspection starting.  We will email you an agreement when we book the appointment.  As long as we have a signed agreement and access to the property (unlocked doors) we can do the inspection.  You are more than welcome to be present during the inspection, but it is not required.

How will you inspect my roof?

That depends on the situation.  Weather permitting the roof will be inspected by ladder and walking the accessible areas. Certain roof type do not allow a walking inspection, those will be thoroughly inspected using standard practices. Thanks for asking.

Are you Licensed?

Yes.  South Carolina requires Home Inspectors to be Licensed.  The process requires formal training and multiple tests must be passed.  Rest assured your inspector is knowledgeable, experienced, certified and licensed. Thanks. 

I'm a retired Marine, do you offer a discount for service members.

First of all, Thanks for your service!! It will be our honor to offer a discount to you.  It's the least we can do. 

What kind of vehicle will you use for the inspection? We have limited parking available.

We can work that out.  The ladders required to inspect the roof will determine the amount of needed parking.  We can drop the ladders off and park somewhere else if needed. Not a problem.

Do you use Drones?

We will soon.  For now we use pole mounted camera equipment to examine chimney crowns and other hard to get to spaces. In the future we will be using drones.  The FAA commercial drone piloting certification is a lengthy process.  We are working through that now.  Thanks