Pre Listing inspection

Identify and fix most issues before you list your home

Many of the items that we see on a routine inspection could have been identified and fixed very easily by the homeowner prior to listing the home.  Fixing those items early keeps them off the  "dreaded home inspection report"

For example – When a faulty electrical outlet appears on the buyers inspection report it becomes an issue. Many times the buyer will demand a follow up electrical inspection by a Licensed Electrician.  Put yourself in the buyers position, it's not an unreasonable request.  The buyer is going to expect the seller to pay for the Electrician, that can easily result in weeks of delay and hundreds of dollars.  This is an example of one item on the report, add a running toilet and a missing roof shingle and things quickly spiral out of control.

What can you do to get things back under your control?    That's the greatest thing about a pre inspection report.  You can fix the leaking sink if you are comfortable doing it.  You can usually find a handyman that can fix most of the items in one visit.  If we do your pre inspection report, we can even provide you a quote to repair the items.  That's the beauty of a pre inspection it can save you time (faster closing) and money (single handy man Vs multiple licensed contractors).  You should also review the report with your real estate agent. Together you can decide what action to take.  You are in control. 

What will this cost me?

Typically a pre inspection is less than the cost of a complete Home Inspection.  

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